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Moveable walls are custom made & manufactured by Multiwall, using the newest, fully automated  CNC machines. Multiwall consistently delivers top quality, high specification products.

We have taken care in putting  together a full set of documentation for your perusal.  

Furthermore we would like to refer you to our enhanced technical drawings and the 3D details, which emphasize the difference in quality to our competitors’ products.

User comfort with Multi Electric

Crank starting a car engine was once a standard practice from a bygone era. What was then perceived a normal activity now appears almost laughable and more suited to black and white news-reels. Everything changed when the automatic starter motor was invented. Cranks and levers still have their place in engineering and it became the industry standard to use strength and technique to manually operate the seals for moveable walls. Until Multiwal designed and developed the Multi Electric: a unique system that automatically extends the top and bottom acoustic seals to the correct position.

Someday the Multi Electric system will be commonplace and ‘someday’ is sooner than you might think. Multiwal is already delivering their type Select and Commandoor as standard with the Multi Electric system without any added costs. With Multiwal no one has to tolerate outdated technology.

Product information

For your comfort and convenience
Not only does the use of the Multi Electric system save a great deal of time but it ensures a perfect seal each and every time it is used compared with the traditional spindle system using a hand crank. The user-friendly operation simply requires the panels to be moved together with a minimum of pressure. Contacts designed especially for Multi Electric are then linked and a low voltage electrical connection is made between the panels and the integrated electronic control system does the rest.

Safety first
The Multi Electric system is available in either a 110V or 230V version, with a special transformer (included) to convert the voltage to 24V, thus ensuring safety for the customer. The transformer is integrated into the wall jamb as standard or can be fitted in a position specified by the customer. An integrated key switch control is also included in the wall jamb. The key can be removed to prevent unauthorised use.

Maximum safety
The telescopic panel is fitted with a ‘dead-mans’ push button control in accordance with international Health & Safety legislation

Maintenance-free motors
The Multi Electric functions by means of high-quality maintenance free motors, which are designed and manufactured using the latest technology. This electro-mechanical technology is also practiced by the motor vehicle industry and is used by some of the most notable manufacturers including Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Emergency power supply
An integrated emergency battery can be provided as an option in the unlikely event of a power failure.

Plug & Play
All electrical components are fully integrated within the wall components. The 24V operating system is compatible with either 110V or 230V power supply and only requires a localised electrical supply.

Floor and track connections
Because of the excellent compressive force, there is no requirement for a floor track or panel locking bolt system. The Multi Electric system guarantees optimal wall panel connection thus ensuring high-quality sound insulation.

Multi Electric ‘the fastest’
Each motor needs only 3 seconds to extend the pressure seal at the top and bottom automatically.


  • Feather light operation
  • Optimum customer-friendliness
  • Guaranteed sound insulation
  • Super fast opening and closing
  • Plug & Play
  • Vastly superior fire and smoke barrier

Technical information

Power supply:
Only a wall socket is required as a power supply, 110 – 230V.

Multi Electric:
The Multi Electric system is delivered completely with all necessary electronic facilities. Plug and play.

Each panel is equiped with adjustable microprocessor controlled motors.

The built-in transformer converts the voltage of 110V / 230V to 24V for optimal safety.

Electrical contacts
Specially developed low voltage electrical contacts are housed in unique concave/
convex aluminum profiles that guarantee ease of operation and an uninterrupted and
safe electrical flow between the panels.


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